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                                       The collapse of the Cummersdale weir in 1991.






 The massive watercourse under the Stead McAlpin works where the water wheels were originally situated.






                         The co nstruction of the flood defence wall at Stead McAlpin print works.

Looking across the Caldew Valley from Blackwell, with the Cummersdale bay and weir or waterfall in the foreground.

 It was at this weir where the mill stream was diverted to the mills and factorys further downstream.

The collapse of the weir in 1990 caused the mill stream to dry-up which starved the remaining factory of a water supply for their processing.

A Lagoon had to be created near the factory in order to supply it  with water.                        

       The dried up mill stream with footpath bridge crossing it                                                                            

 The Lagoon, created in 1991 after the collapse of the weir further upstream.          

  This was the site of the bottom village houses which were demolished in the 1970's.                                                                                                 

  The Lagoon area has become quite a wild life area. 




































  The area above the weir where the mill stream was diverted is now sealed-up



  The lock gates on the sluice controlling the water supply to the mill stream 


    The mill stream as it heads towards Stead McAlpin factory
































   The new flood warning system fitted across the River Caldew                           

                               The village shop, long gone




                                                    The installation of a new sturdier foot bridge         

                        The Cummersdale Copse             

                    The Copse is a nice nature reserve