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                  The Brickie and his apprentice.
















                   Cummersdale people



                                     Cummersdale School 1932                                                                    







       Children from the land settlement who attended Cummersdale school 1939.       




                 The 1923 Cummersdale Hornets football team                                          

          Cummersdale scouts at camp                                  

                   Cummersdale Scouts and Cubs                                                       

  The cutting of the first sod at Cummersdale Copse

     Cummersdale Carnival Queen, 1970's ? back row left to right, Honor Balantyne,

Alma Foster, Angela James, seated at front Elaine Beaty.








                           Cummersdale school about 1970

                               See Amy extreme left

            Amy again extreme left, on boat trip up the Clyde





                              A bus trip from the village                      

 The Beaty family outside Mill House in the bottom village, the baby on mothers knee at extreme right is Harold.







 Mr Liverick, with Alan Williams, do you recognise anyone else?




















      Shirley Baker , Margaret, Gillian, Janice and Sandra. 1967.                   Photo; Cumberland Newspapers.




             (David Crewe and Diane Crewe).



































 back row. ?? , Doreen Hayes, ? Sunderland, Florence Talbot, ?? ,   ??,       ??,        ??,      Nancy Routledge

  2nd back row: ?? ,  Nora Harrison, Jean Talbot , Stella Murray, Joyce Hudson, Kathleen Johnstone, Nora Irwin, Dolly McFarlane, Martha Moscrop, Joyce Donnelly.

3rd back row: ?? ,  Rene Little, Margaret Quine, Nora Green, Rita & Rene Irving (twins), ??  , Susan Green,

Margaret Harkness. 

Front row: ??  ,  Mary Little, Joan green,  ??  , Lena Irwin, Marion green, ??. 




       Cummersdale school 1939, (left to right)


Back row; Frankie Love, Bobby Inglis, Ronnie Purdham, Frank Pennington, John Fyffe, ken Purdham, ??  ,

Ronny O'Toole, Norman Atkinson.

2nd back row, Gordon Bell, Dickie Sutherland, Lenny Murray, ?? ,  Eric Sewell, Jim Beaty, Stanley Pennington,

Joe beaty, Donald Bird.

3rd back row: ?? ,   ??,     ?? ,   Doug Clarke, Derek & David Norman (twins) Cecil Purdham, Joe Green, Edward Pennington,  ??   ,

Front row:   ?? ,  ??  ,  ??,   ??,    Donald ? , all others unknown-----  do you know them ?





Left to right.              Gerry Kirk, Albert Irwin, Bob Brough, and John Ryan.





                   Harold Beaty snr, broken collar bone 1926.




                         Bill Norman snr, who was Forman Machine printer at Stead