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   Background information

  • Cummersdale parish is situated 2 miles South West of Carlisle,Cumbria, it is bordered by Orton parish to the West, Dalston parish to the South, and the river Caldew borders the eastern boundry.
  • The parish retains its rural character with several farms and open farm lands.
  • Three villages exist within the parish, Newby West and Garden village to the West and High Cummersdale village on the ridge above the Caldew valley to the East.
  • An earlier village existed beside the Caldew but it was finally demolished in the 1970's, leaving only Hill House and the Print-works.
  • The parish once extended to Shaddongate but with the City of Carlisle expanding, the modern parish has shrunk.
  • The church of St James serves the parish and a church hall exists in High Cummersdale village.
  • Only one Public House exists in the parish, the Spinners Arms.
  • A bus service runs to and from the village, via Carlisle & Dalston. The West of the parish is served by the Whitehaven/Wigton bus service 
  • Although the Carlisle to Maryport railway passes through the Eastern part of the parish the service is no longer available to parishioners..