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Newby Village


Newby village is in Cummersdale Parish and at one time was in the centre of Cummersdale Moor. When Bonnie Prince Charlie crossed the Moor on his way south in 1745, his band of several thousand Highlanders camped over night on the moor, and I have no doubt that food and water would have been aquired, either voluntary or otherwise from the village. The land of the moor was used mainly for grazing. It became part of the Enclosure Act in 1770. Portions of the moor were divided between various persons, even the Vicar of Wigton was allocated a portion of ground!  One of the duties of the Enclosure Commisioners during their land allocation was to set-aside a parcel of land for use by Parishioners to extract Clay, Stone, & Gravel, for use in repairing their buildings and road ways.



 Map showing the two areas set aside for clay extraction for brick making. 


 The building in pink to the right of Newby Cross was at one time The Scotch Arms pub.


 The old road to the right and the partly constructed Carlisle Development Route to its left in 2011. 

    Modern Photo's